Our Founder – Bill Crockett

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s things were much different than they are today for my children who are in that same time period of their lives. Oh, we still have the same basic challenges in life such as drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, political differences, world peace etc. Then there are the more normal challenges of life such as where do I work after college, job, career, marriage, friends, relationships, material possessions, insurance, health, parenthood, etc. These things are just a part of life. But what’s different about being a young adult today? What are our young adult children facing today that makes life a little more difficult? Let me begin to answer this question by telling you a little about myself.



2013-06-18 15.19.39           imageMy name is Bill Crockett.  Saved at the age of 15 and surrendered to the ministry at age 19. I   graduated from college with a master’s degree in Bible exposition. I love to teach the Bible. I’ve been an evangelist and a pastor. I have also remodeled homes, worked in a university computer store, been a corporate sales person for a fortune 100 company and managed a multimillion dollar territory sales organization for the same company.  I have experienced divorce, the loss of a career, deep depression, forgiveness, victory, a second chance, the start of a new career, success, redirection, the challenge of starting a ministry and a business from scratch and most of all the joy of being loved deeply.

God is amazing in so many ways. Especially when we watch how He masterfully crafts our lives through the decisions and experiences He allows us to go through. He also fixes, blesses, and makes valuable our mistakes in spite of us! He has blessed my life beyond words.



I have 8 children (4 boys & 4 girls) ages 18 to 34.

I have 7 grandchildren, 2 son-in-laws, 3 daughter-in-laws.

I love family activities and our favorite people to do things with are family! Holidays and especially Christmas are exciting times at the Crockett house! I’ll have to tell those stories at another time. To say the least, my life is never boring and I am blessed!

Let me share some of the experiences God has used to mold us!


If there were time, I could share volumes of life experiences that God has used to shape my life, but for the sake of space (and your sanity) I will only summarize a few.

I have experienced the joy of financial success as well as the challenge of financial struggles. I’ve had jobs and lost jobs. I’ve battled with debt, overcome debt, gone back into debt and fought the battle all over again. I’ve gone through health issues, experienced death in our immediate families, worked through strained relationships, rejoiced and cried with our children in their victories and struggles. I’ve experienced the peace of God’s forgiveness and walked through the valley of God’s chastening. I’ve made some really good decisions in my life and some really “bone headed” decisions too. What I’m trying to say is that I am  just a REAL person living in a real world going through the same type struggles we all face.

Through all the sorrow, joy, success, failures, blessings, chastening, and everything else God has allowed in my life, I realize one thing…God is in control and is doing something in our lives that will prepare and equip us for the purpose He has specifically planned for us. I am reminded of this in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 where we’re told that God helps us in our troubles so we can use that experience to help others the same way!

So where has all this led us?


God does all things for a reason. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what those reasons are, but we can be assured that God knows what He’s doing. So far we’ve talked about who we are and where we’ve been in our journey in life. Now it’s time to explain why!

Life is not lived in a vacuum. We all face the same type challenges in some form or another. I am no expert nor am I qualified to give an answer for the difficulties we or our young adults face today. However, what I can do is share my journey with God and what He has taught us. I can also teach His Word which ultimately is the answer to everything. I can do my best to help young adults connect to others who can give wisdom, advice and encouragement along the path of their lives. This is where our journey has brought us!

Having young adult children myself, I know first hand the challenges they face in life. I wish I could say I have been a model parent but I’m not. I wish I could say I have model young adults with perfect success and no problems but I do not! The truth is, none of us are perfect and the only true model is Jesus!

Even though we’re not perfect, we can still have a loving, giving and serving heart. With this passionate heart we can all invest in the lives of our young adults by helping them to know who God is, what He’s like and what He’s all about. Then, to the best of our ability, teach them how to follow Him in order to make wise decisions and avoid the pit falls we’ve had in our lives! Our young adults need mentors and those who will come along side them to connect with them and support them. This is what we believe God is calling us to do.