Andrew & Ali Hawkins – Campus Outreach





1. Where has God called you to go?

We are college ministers on the campus of Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina.

2. What has God called you to do?

We have been called to evangelize and disciple students on the college campus through building relationships with students. We do this by sharing our faith and then with those who express interest we teach them ways to go share the gospel, study the bible, memorize scripture, pray and get plugged into the local church.

3. How did God call you to this ministry?

In college the two of us were privileged to be discipled by Campus Outreach staff. Both of us, as a result of that, were sharing our faith and beginning to disciple younger students that we had met around the campus. Upon graduating I was asked if I would like to work for the ministry and I couldn’t think of a greater way to spend my time after seeing a couple of guys I discipled become missionaries, going to seminary to be pastors, and sharing their faith in the workplace.

4. Give us an update on your ministry.

I have spent the past six years in Cullowhee making disciples. Three years into that journey I married Ali and she has jumped right into the work. As of now my role has changed. Ali is continuing to disciple girls on the campus. My role in that regard has shrunk. I am still discipling a group of guys, but after six years of campus ministry I am now considered an area director for our ministry so my part to play is mostly done by training younger staff at Western Carolina University and Clemson University to do their job more effectively.