Jeff & Jill Jones – Dominican Republic

TRANSFORM 365 in the Dominican Republic

Jeff & Jill Jones Family


1. Where has God called you to go?

We are presently serving in Santiago, Dominican Republic, the second largest city in the country with 1 million residents. The city is in the north central region of the country, and the economy is largely driven by both tourism & agriculture.

2. What has God called you to do specifically?

Our vision is to serve at risk boys and girls in the DR, both Dominican & Haitian, by meeting their physical & spiritual needs. For Transform365, this means collaborating with ministry partners to establish best practices for feeding centers, educational opportunities, assisting the children in learning trades/skills, and developing them as young men & women who love God and serve Him to the fullest! Our targets are orphaned children, the children who are from families living on $2/day or less, as well as those being terribly affected by human trafficking.

3. Give a brief history of your missionary journey from when you were called to be a missionary to where you are now. We want people who do not know you to understand what it has taken to get where you are.

In 2011, my wife and I began to sense that God was drawing us into mission work full time. I had been a youth pastor and senior pastor, and in church ministry a total of 18 years. After spending over a year praying and seeking God’s direction, we took a survey trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic where we had learned of a small Haitian church that had rescued children from the earthquake in 2010. This survey trip took place in June 2012 and God confirmed in our hearts that this is where our work was to begin. The opportunity to serve these 200 children and their families by showing them the love of Jesus was just too much for us to pass up…God had been preparing us for this time! Since then, we have established a feeding outreach in the Haitian church to these children, and have started the process of raising our financial support to move to the DR full time by 2015.

4. A brief report of the work you are involved in & what is currently happening with that work.

Our feeding program operates monthly with a team of dedicated Haitian & Dominican leaders that ensure the children receive a very healthy and nutritious meal, enjoy some activities and games, then spiritual instruction from God’s word and a time of praising God in worship!

We utilize the feeding program in the Haitian church as a bridge to get to know the families & their situations. In the end, many of the children need a daily meal, not just once per month. Therefore, our long range goal is to establish our primary phase of operation (a family cottage style orphanage) within 2 years of arriving to the DR. Year one will be language training in Santiago. We are currently searching for potential land for this opportunity.


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