“God Where Are You!?”

John 11 records the story of Lazarus, a friend of Jesus, who died. However, he died because Jesus let him die! WHAT!!!!! If he was Jesus’ friend, why did he let him die?

1. Did Jesus know he was sick? Yes (John 11:1-6)
2. Did he have the power to heal him? Yes (He eventually raised him from the dead John 11:43-44)
3. Was he mad at Lazarus & his sisters, Mary & Martha & wanted to punish them for something they had done? No (John 11:1-3, 5)

Then why did he allow Lazarus to die and the sisters to go through such sorrow? BECAUSE IT WAS PART OF GOD’S PLAN to cause people to believe that Jesus was the Messiah! It was a small event in a bigger picture.

Consider these truths when we are facing times of sorrow and wonder if God knows or cares:

1. Sometimes God’s Plan includes Sorrow – John 11:4, 33-36

2. God’s love for me does not change because His plan for me includes sorrow – John 11:1-5

3. God’s Purpose Takes Priority over (My Comfort – John 11:19) – (My Feelings – John 11:33-38) & (My Plans – John 11:21, 32)

4. God is still in control of the (Opportunity & circumstance – John 11:4-5, 17) – (Opposition – John 11:7-10, 16, the Jews wanted to kill Him) & (Outcome – John 11:4, 11-15, 38-45)

When sorrow becomes a part of our life, remember that God loves us, is in control & has a purpose for the sorrow. Whatever that purpose may be, it is for our good and God’s glory (Romans 8:28). Hopefully that is what is really important to us!

In 1973, when my younger brother died with Leukemia, I was mad at God & wondered why He did not do what I wanted, heal my brother. At that time I was not a believer. Now, 44 years later, I know God had a bigger plan. I will see my brother again & we will celebrate the BIGGER picture together!

God is there all the time, even if we don’t think He is!