General Information about Bill Crockett’s Bible Teaching Ministry

Bill Crockett’s Bible Teaching Ministry




Drawing on 13 years of full time vocational ministry as an evangelist, pastor and public speaker as well as 17 years in corporate sales & sales management with fortune 100 companies, in October of 2011, Bill launched the “Fellowship of Young Christian Professionals” organization. FYCP is a non profit ministry established to support & encourage young adults to be successful in their career & life by helping them connect with Jesus Christ & each other. FYCP teaches young professionals how to truly have an effective “work-life.” Bill’s experience both in full time ministry & the business world give him a unique ability to communicate Bible truth in a practical & very applicable way. Bill also speaks to churches & business organizations as well as senior adult groups.

Bill has a Master’s Degree in Bible exposition & a passion for teaching the Bible in a practical way that impacts lives immediately. With over 30 years of experience to draw from he makes an impact on every group he ministers to.


Here is what others who have served alongside Bill have to say:

I have known Bill for several years and consider him a close friend and colleague in ministry. Bill has led several events for our senior adults and is one of the most gifted Bible preachers and teachers I know. His exposition of Scripture is solid and his ability to apply Scripture to real life situations is easy to understand and apply. Bill is a passionate teacher of God’s word and is uniquely gifted to communicate God’s truth to all age groups and he does so with great warmth and compassion. If you are looking for someone to lead a conference, retreat or revival, I would highly recommend Bill

—Dr. Tim Phillips, Associate Pastor, Riverland Hills Baptist Church


Bill Crockett’s unique ability to relate and teach his audience are unlike any I’ve heard. Bill brings the perfect combination of humor, inspiration and facts to his teaching that allow you to develop and grow in your spiritual journey. He’s so real and that’s refreshing.

You feel Bills passion every single time he speaks. He has this ability to lock you in and make you feel God in a way that is so real.

I’ve listen to Bills teachings on 10 mile runs. I can’t get enough. He’s so gifted and blessed in his ability to teach. He keeps you captivated.

Bill is the real-deal. God is using this man to make the world better and I’ve been blessed to witness this first hand.

– Mary Rose Cooley, Young Professional


For years Bill has been involved in the teaching ministry of Riverland Hills. He has a passion for discipling young adults and a gift from God for reaching them and impacting their lives. Bill is a dynamic and effective communicator who understands how to connect young professionals with God’s Word.

– Tim Hawkins, Minister of Education, Riverland Hills Baptist Church


Bill is one of our most valued assets at Riverland Hills Baptist Church.   His ability to teach the Bible coupled with an infectious personality makes him a tremendous instrument of God.  His talent, discipline, personality and maturity make lasting impressions on young and old alike.  Rarely do you find any individual able to focus on the scriptures and motivate others to do the same.   Bill is a positive influence and encourager for all of us.

– Dr. Ed Carney, Senior Pastor, Riverland Hills Baptist Church


“ A Balm of Gilead ”
I needed to hear this series and it came at the right time after I prayed that the Lord would lead me to a sermon to bring hope and help me endure the continuous trials I’ve encountered the last 10 or so months. Bill Crockett clearly knows what it is like and can encourage the fainthearted just like Paul said in 2 Cor. I was at the point of giving up after one thing after another kept striking me. Everything that could go wrong has from finances to health to church to housing to relationships and more. It keeps coming. Even friends have reached a point of shock not knowing what to say anymore. I understand their frustration. Eventually and recently, I hit despair. When I heard this series, it was the Balm of Gilead I needed from the Lord. I thank God for Bill Crockett and this series of sermons “When Life Seems Unlivable” which I will definitely listen to again… and again. Thank you, thank you so very much. May God richly bless your ministry. Blessings to you,

– Jan from Minnesota after listening to our sermon series “When Life seems Unlivable.”


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